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The season finale with Hans Sigl ends very dramatically

The season finale with Hans Sigl ends very dramatically

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from: Luke Enkammerer

The sixteenth season of Bergdoktor is dramatic. The main focus is on the family feud between the Grubers and the Pflugers. In the big season finale, the conflict comes to a head.

Elmo – you know that “Mountain Doctor” Otherwise, more than just a contemplative series on home soil with stunning landscapes and sweet family moments, Season 16 kicks off the action. Mysterious patient cases trouble brave doctors and as if that weren’t enough, Dr. Martin Gruber (Hans Siegel, 53) also argues with Karo Pfluger (Barbara Lanz, 39), who blackmails him with his dark past and threatens to destroy his family’s happiness.

Our Last Conversation: Mountain doctor Hans Siegel tells his brother the truth about Sonja

Beware, spoiler: Already in the first “Bergdoktor” season, which premiered on February 6, 2008, a shocking detail emerges from Martin Gruber’s younger years: he had an affair with Sonja, the deceased wife of his brother Hans (Heiko Ruprecht, 50) and is actually Lili’s father ( Ronja Forcher, 26). Although he knows that the two had a lot more than a one night stand and even immigrated to New York together, he doesn’t know that. This exact fact is now Sonja’s sister Caro took advantage of the opportunity and blackmailed Berg, Dr. Martin – If he doesn’t make Hans deal with Caro and her father Rolf, she will tell him everything.

A dramatic twist in the “Bergdoktor” finale: Martin Gruber wants to leave Ellmau forever. © ZDF / Erika Hauri (photomontage)

in another The episode “The Tower Doctor” “M-Nates” escalates the family feud Finally and Martin has no choice but to finally let Hans in on his painful secret. “I’ve thought long and hard about whether and how to start, and I’m afraid that when I do, it will be our last conversation,” he explains. “I lied to you, Hans, and that lie must no longer stand between us.” Sadly, he looks back on his past and admits: “I should have told you much earlier, Hans, but I couldn’t.” His brother finally left without a word.

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Has the Gruber family broken up? The Bergdoktor season finale will be emotional and dramatic

Beware, spoiler: After years of secrecy, Hans finally learns of Martin and Sonya’s love affair – but the drama doesn’t stop there as things take a nasty turn in the big season finale on February 23rd.

As can be seen in the ZDF program preview, the family blessing in the Gruber house is really perverted in the final episode “Der Weg zurück”: Hans does not want to forgive Martin, despite good persuasion from Mama Elisabeth (Monica Baumgartner, 71) and Lilly withdraws because of the tense atmosphere In Caro and Rolfe. Meanwhile, Martin lives locked out of the Gruberhof and even intends to end his practice, leave Ellmau and move in with his ex-girlfriend Franziska (Simone Hanselmann, 43) and their son Johann – in New York.

The Grubers are always sticking together and supporting each other – but it looks like the dark clouds that have gathered over them since the start of the season will turn into a storm of emotion in the coming weeks. These are tough times, especially for the youngest members of the Gruber family, because Lily and Robert are separated for good in “Bergdoktor”.. Sources used: ZDF, ZDFmediathek / Der Bergdoktor / episode of January 26, 2023,