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The Taliban orders the beheading of models

In Afghanistan, the ruling Islamist Taliban movement has once again imposed strict regulations and has now required fashion stores in the west of the country to behead models.

These are idols and therefore un-Islamic, Isais-ur-Rahman, the regional representative of the Ministry of Preservation of the New Virtue, said today (dpa). “It should be disposed of,” Abd al-Rahman explained. But at first, it is enough to cut off the heads of the mannequins.

The head of the specialized chamber of commerce in Herat province, Abdul Wadud Faysada, complained about the new instructions. Shopkeepers spent a lot of money on mannequins.

The models are not idols either, but they are made for displaying clothes. “You can find it in shops in all Muslim countries,” says Vaisada. Videos have already circulated on social networks showing the heads of mannequins being cut off.

Lots of restrictions on women and girls

In the past few weeks, the Taliban have already issued stricter regulations for public life. Recently, for example, drivers have been instructed not to play music in the car. Additionally, women should not be allowed to travel more than 45 miles (about 72 kilometers) without a male companion.

Most girls’ secondary schools remain closed. In many cases, women can no longer return to their jobs. Many have fled the country since the Islamists came to power in August 2021. The economy in Afghanistan is in free fall and millions of people in the country are starving.