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Knife attack at EM party: Police shot attackers

Knife attack at EM party: Police shot attackers

A man is said to have killed a man with a knife-like object near Magdeburg. He then drove around the area and trespassed on private property. There was a special ceremony for the European Championship. The man stabbed several guests there and attacked police when they arrived.

North of Magdeburg in Wolmerstedt (Saxony-Anhalt), a 27-year-old was shot by police officers on Friday man opens, A police spokeswoman confirmed to German media.

Three people, some seriously injured

Police were called to EM's public viewing party in the courtyard. The man is said to have met several people there shortly after the match started Attacked with a knife. A 50-year-old man and a 75-year-old man were seriously injured and a 56-year-old man suffered minor injuries.

The 27-year-old Afghan attacker is said to have previously attacked and injured a 23-year-old man in an apartment building in a ready-made residential area not far away. According to police, the man, also an Afghan national, died of his injuries that evening.

Bild wrote about a dispute between the two, according to the police There is no evidence of religiously motivated action.

Two police officers opened fire

After that, the man was probably wandering “aimlessly” through Wolmerstedt and… He also threatened people in the designated park. Call the police.

When officers arrived at the private European Championship party, the 27-year-old also attacked them. Two police officers shot him and the man died a short time later in hospital.

​​​​​​As is usual in cases of police use of firearms, an investigation was opened against the police officers who shot the attacker.

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