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The team looks new.

The team looks new.

TSV 1860 started the English week with an important 3-1 victory in Zwickau. On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, the match was at home against 1 FC Kaiserslauternalready on Friday the next match is on Jiseng Hohen vs. SC . ext. At the press conference, coach Michael Kollner addressed the next opponent and Gunther Gorenzel made a clear statement Commentary against Richard Neudecker. The coach did not want to know anything about the overload, quite the contrary, the team ‘Makes a new impression’ on Kollner.

After Zwickau and before Kaiserslautern

At first, the coach looked at the last match in Zwickau and said:

We are happy and relieved that we won after the dry spell. It wasn’t always easy to get the majority, but in Zwickau we cut it quietly and technically well. I’m so happy we started the English week with three points

However, Kollner also noted that the team had a very difficult task ahead of Kaiserslautern. Lutheran will order everything from lions.

Lutheran is unbeaten in 13 matches, it is a difficult match and the role of the favorite is clearly divided

There are only a few changes in personnel. In addition to Wayne, Studd and Welch who were long-injured, Niklas Lange was discharged with a sternum injury. He’s not doing well so far, Kollner explained, Lang still has headaches and back issues and can’t breathe well, so he’s not an option for Tuesday’s game.

In addition, Neudecker is now absent from Kaiserslautern due to an incomprehensible ban by the German Football Association after his sixth yellow card. Half Balkahiya is available again after his suspension and Nathan Wicht is now training at full power again.

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Kollner: “The team makes a new impression”

Kollner said of potential rotation plans:

We have to change our tactics against the Kaiserslautern Five Men’s Series and he brought in a new player. The team made a new and good impression in training.

Gorenzel to the Neudecker حاجز Checkpoint

The ban on Richard Neudecker, the missing midfielder for the Lions against Kaiserslautern, can no longer be avoided. Even if it is not understood, one must accept that, as Gunther Korenzel explained and continued:

FIFA is making it easy for itself here. It starts with controlling doping in the cup against Karlsruhe. It is a mystery to me why there is no ffp2 mask requirement for this. This was changed later.

Same thing with the lock. TV pictures are clear. We never check entries in DFB-Net, but now we are responsible for them. The German Federation makes it easy for itself and passes it on to the clubs. But we have no legal option and now assign two employees to it.

Kollner was also affected by the absence of Neudecker, as he is a very important player for the team. Kollner also said:

We have to overcome this resistance even if the road is bitter. We live in an age where there shouldn’t be such a thing, it’s a ridiculous situation, but we can’t change it.

You’ve tried everything and you want to make up for the loss of Neudecker as a team. Biankadi and Tallig are available as alternatives, and both can take over from Neudecker:

Especially in English weeks we have to rotate more and switch teams early. Eric Tallig is in a good mood and is much needed now.

Kollner to raise the team in Zwickau

In the second half of the match in Zwickau, the Lions showed what they could do and turned the match into a 3-1 win. Coach Michael Kollner explained that he tackled a number of problems at half-time and remembered the recent victory against Zwickau.

The team realized they had a great chance of winning the match after they were sent off. And so we brought our strength into play and got stronger from one pass to the next. Players noticed that she was getting better minute to minute, pass to pass. We got into the counter pressure really well and gained self-confidence. Hope this gives you a boost for the next few weeks.

The goal now is to build on Zwickau’s second-half performance in the return leg against 1. FC Kaiserslautern and, if possible, to finish the Palatinate series at Grunwalder.

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