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The Tesla Semi is a 'totally stupid car'

The Tesla Semi is a ‘totally stupid car’

Tomasz Orensky Truck driver and journalist. On Twitter, he’s now using a combination of the two posts to explain why the Tesla Semi isn’t suitable for everyday use. He has already garnered over 10,000 likes for his analysis.

Oryńskis criticizes this Taxi, which Tesla says is “built around the driver.” The figure would waste a lot of space in Musk’s games. As a result, driver comfort suffers. The central seating position may make overtaking more difficult because the driver will have difficulty seeing backwards and forwards on the left. In addition, it is “impossible” to hand over documents from the window to employees in the hut at the border or toll booths.

The door in the back of the cab. So you have to get in and move forward to get to the steering wheel. According to Orensky, this wastes space for a “passage”. And because the doors are in the back, you can’t build a bed in there, as is the norm with trucks designed for long trips.

Too much dirt, not enough buttons

Since you will have to go around the truck, the driver’s cab get dirty faster. With a regular truck, you can take off your shoes after driving and leave them in the front because the rest of the cab stays clean. This is not possible with half shoes, unless you change your shoes every time you put them on and take them off, which “would be very stupid”.

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affiliate touch screen is also a problem. He has been driving trucks with pods and tablets that are not designed to be used in moving vehicles. You need physical buttons that you can easily reach and feel without having to take your eyes off the road. In addition, they are always very bright when driving at night and reflect the light that falls during the day.

The windshield is slanted rather than flat

The Sloping windshield It will mean that the snow will remain on it. “Remember how annoying it is to clear the windshield of your car from snow. Now imagine that it is 3 meters high.”

The windshield will also ensure that the driver’s cab gets hotter more quickly in the summer. Therefore, the air conditioner has to work harder, which in turn will reduce the range of the electric truck.

A sloping windshield may result in blind spots compared to flat-nosed trucks, endangering pedestrians when turning. The tablet will also limit the display.

The side mirror is hard to reach

Because the cab tapers toward the front, my arms side mirror Be very tall. This means that you can’t just reach in and clean the window when it’s dirty. You have to get out and even then it will be difficult to reach the mirrors as they are very high.

In the aftermath he says Which electric trucks are better? From the semi: “Get Nikola, they use an Iveco Stralis cab, with a design that’s been perfected for over 50 years. Or Volvo. Or Mercedes. Or Daf. Or Scania. All the major truck manufacturers have been offering e-trucks for years.”