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The third edition began at the gates of Vienna

The third edition began at the gates of Vienna

First, Jürgen Melzer visited the children of the Vienna Tennis Association in Schwechat-Runnersdorf.

Jurgen is back on tour! Immediately after taking up his position as ÖTV Sports Director on 1 January 2021, Jürgen Melzer completed a tour of the federal states of Austria in order to get a personal photo of the players of the national federations team, work in the respective state performance centers and the most important training sessions. centers. After the second series of visits last year, the third round has now begun at the end of 2023. First, the former world-class player from Lower Austria got new impressions of the youth of the Vienna Tennis Association on Tuesday at the Tennisweber in Schwechat-Rannersdorf.

From 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., Melzer, accompanied by ÖTV Sports and Events Director Tamara Schandel, stood at the beginning with Badis Selmi, Yoann Tritton, Philipp Strauss, Jannik Spindler, Matteo Väth, Lilia Kochetkov and Julia Ehrenberger, and Emily Winkler. Place. In the second session until 5:00 p.m., Misha Reis, Noah Brunner, Simon Fresnegger, Kingston Griffiths, Kara Fronek and Johanna Andrea Kursiova took the opportunity to get direct advice from the Austrian Davis Cup record player. WTV children/youth coordinators Stefan Weber and Magdalena Kozelski in particular helped with the organization on site.

Melzer left very positive impressions from the first stop of his tour: “The kids who were there were absolutely excited, and I think they were happy to have Jurgen back on the tour,” said 42-year-old Melzer. “Compared to last time, there has been good progress and a lot of potential can be seen. It was also wonderfully organised. I think we had a very relaxed afternoon and we hope to be able to provide some useful input for the children. What I would like to see in the next stops is that maybe “More coaches are added. So that not only the kids are there, but also their coaches in charge. Then it makes more sense” – for the purpose of personal exchange.

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Jurgen’s tour will continue on Friday at the Salzburg Tennis Federation. The tour across all federal states should be completed, if possible, by the end of January.