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The traditional café in Klagenfurt is now in danger of extinction

The traditional café in Klagenfurt is now in danger of extinction

The last classic café in Carinthia's capital, Hutter's Pastry Shop on Alter Platz, is now endangered. The restaurant has been closed since the end of April after Markus Pichler and his wife, Kim Jana, decided to pursue other career paths and draw a personal conclusion this chapter. However, the search for his successor is still ongoing. “It would be a great shame if this traditional café disappeared from the scene,” explains Dietmar Pichler, who took over the pastry shop in 2018 and handed it over to his son three years later.

According to Pichler, there were some interested partiesBut no contract was concluded in any of the cases. Now the Pichler family is doing better: “Whoever runs the restaurant does not specifically have to pay transportation fees, and this is at least 40 thousand euros.” The property, which measures 300 square meters and can accommodate around 90 guests, is then handed over and includes a guest garden, complete with furniture and crockery. “The restaurant is in excellent condition and there are no repairs or investments to be made,” Pichler further explains. The future Hutter operator can also expect a special treatment: with the acquisition, the “Lindwurmkugeln” recipe will be acquired, which is manufactured and sold exclusively at the Klagenfurt confectionery factory.

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