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Hainan Airlines – China's “big player” lands again at Schwechat Airport

Hainan Airlines – China's “big player” lands again at Schwechat Airport

When the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe in February 2020, aviation was initially grounded for several months. Several airlines have canceled routes from their schedule indefinitely, including Hainan Airlines from Shenzhen to Shuichat Airport. Now China's largest private airline is back after more than four years. Since then, Hainan Airlines has been flying approximately 11 hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays with the Boeing 787-9 “Dreamliner”, all year round.

“Welcome back Hainan Airlines!” “We are very happy that one of the most important Chinese airlines has resumed its direct flights between Vienna and Shenzhen,” confirms airport board member Julian Jäger, noting the great importance of China for “the entire economic and tourism location of Shenzhen, Austria.” It is not just one domestic hub for Hainan Airlines, but also a high-tech city housing the headquarters of Siemens, Microsoft, Huawei and Samsung.

Airport Board Member Julian Jäger with Hainan's Austrian President Zhu Zhang and Ernst Füller, First President of the Vienna State Parliament and Chairman of the Association for the Improvement of China-Austria Relations (OECB).

Vienna Airport/Robert Harrison

“Vienna is the heart of Europe, and Shenzhen is the dynamic center of innovation and technology in China – and both cities are now more accessible than ever,” says Zhou Zhang, President of Hainan Austria, with satisfaction. He is convinced that the return of direct contact “will not only facilitate trade and tourism exchanges, but will also enhance cultural understanding and friendship between these two cities.”

Founded 31 years ago, Hainan Airlines today offers more than 1,800 international and regional routes to more than 200 cities in Asia, Europe, North America and the South Pacific. In addition to China's largest private airline, there will also be a premiere from the Middle Kingdom from June 22. Because then the partly state-owned China Eastern Airlines will land in Schwechat for the first time.

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