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Blue Protocol: Trailer zum MMO zeigt die Welt, das Kampfsystem und mehr

The trailer for the MMO game shows off the world, combat system, and more

Last week, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the online role-playing game “Blue Protocol” for today’s PC and consoles. In the newly released trailer, elements such as the game world or the combat system are discussed.

As part of The Game Awards 2022 last week, Japanese publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment was also on hand, using the event to announce a new title.

Here we were dealing with a cartoon-style online role-playing game “Blue Protocol”, which will be published in the West in collaboration with Amazon Studios and will take you to the magical world of Regnas. The newly released trailer for “Blue Protocol” reveals what awaits you there, as the various elements of the Free2Play title are discussed.

Enjoy the impressions of the customization options, the co-op combat system, or the game world itself.

Play alone or with friends

According to the official announcement, Blue Protocol will give you the option to explore the world of Regnas alone or with other players. It was noted, however, that “Blue Protocol” shows its strength particularly in co-op multiplayer and will require skillful cooperation in challenging dungeons or unique bosses.

According to the developer, the focus of launching “Blue Protocol” will be on co-op mode. PvP content is not planned at this time. One of the special features of the role-playing game is the fact that you not only have the opportunity to create an individual character in the universal editor. In addition, once the adventure begins, it will be possible to switch between the five different character classes at any time.

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Blue Protocol will be released in the fall of 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.


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