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The UN Security Council votes on a “humanitarian truce” in the Gaza Strip

The UN Security Council votes on a “humanitarian truce” in the Gaza Strip

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Gaza calling for an “extended humanitarian truce” in the Gaza Strip. After a long struggle, the most powerful body in the United Nations approved the joint resolution on Wednesday in New York. the United States of America He also waived his veto power and abstained from voting Russia And Great Britain. 12 out of 15 countries voted in favor of the text. Security Council resolutions are binding under international law.

Resolution submitted by Malta

This way you can develop international influence. That advisor Malta The resolution made calls, among other things, for “an urgent and extended ceasefire and corridors throughout the Gaza Strip for a sufficient number of days,” that is, a ceasefire lasting for several days, in order to guarantee humanitarian assistance in accordance with international law. But there is no talk of an official ceasefire. The text focuses strongly on the suffering of Palestinian minors. It expresses “deep concern about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip and its serious impact on the civilian population, especially the disproportionate impact on children.”

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All parties to the conflict are required to comply with international law, the “forced transfer of civilian populations” is unacceptable, and vital services must not be withheld from the residents of the Gaza Strip. According to diplomats, these positions should be understood in relation to Israel’s movements in the region – although the country is not mentioned by name throughout the document. The text only mentions the Islamic movement Hamas, which attacked Israel on October 7 and carried out a massacre against civilians that left about 1,200 dead, in its demand for the release of the kidnapped Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip.

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It is unclear whether the United States will tolerate the adoption of the resolution

Until shortly before the vote, it was questionable whether the United States, as Israel’s closest ally, could tolerate the adoption of the resolution. In October, Washington vetoed the draft resolution because, among other things, it did not affirm Israel’s right to self-defense. The resolution now adopted does not address this issue, and there is no condemnation of the Hamas massacre on October 7th. The United States, like China, Russia, France, and Great Britain, has veto power. The Council also includes ten member states who are elected for two-year terms. The resolution requires at least 9 out of 15 votes, and a veto cannot be used