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The United Nations awaits Morocco’s request for assistance after the earthquake

About a week after the devastating earthquake struck Morocco, the United Nations is anticipating a rapid request for assistance. United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths said yesterday: “After our discussions with the Moroccan authorities, we assume that a request for assistance will be submitted.” “We are ready to act and ready to help coordinate.”

According to Griffiths, the next stage is to help survivors by providing shelter, food and medical care. According to United Nations estimates, about 300,000 people were affected by the earthquake. The earthquake shook the North African country last Friday. According to Moroccan authorities, 2,946 people were killed and 5,674 others were injured.

The Moroccan government is under increasing pressure to accept more international aid. So far, the kingdom has largely tried to manage the search for survivors using its own resources.

Despite offers of assistance from abroad, including former colonial power France, Rabat has so far only accepted support from a few countries, including Spain and Great Britain. Meanwhile, rescue workers continued to work on the ground to open blocked roads and reach remote towns in the mountains.

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