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The United States and Russia argue about military maneuvers

A dispute has arisen between the United States and Russia over an incident at sea. The Russians accuse the Americans of infiltrating their territorial waters. The other side denies this.

Russia There is the infiltration of the American warshipMarine Condemnation of regional waters in the Sea of ​​Japan. The destroyer “USS Safi” crossed the maritime border on Friday afternoon (Japan time) ignoring a warning from the Russian navy, the defense ministry said. Moscow. The U.S. military has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

According to Russian sources, the Russian destroyer “Admiral Tributes” warned the US warship against entering Russian waters. “As part of international shipping rules, Admiral Tributes set out to expel intruders from Russian territorial waters,” the Defense Ministry said. “USS Safi” finally returned when it was 60 meters away from the Russian ship.

The United States denies the allegations

The U.S. Navy rejected the “false” interpretation of these events. Your ship “carried out routine operations in international waters in the Sea of ​​Japan” when the Russian destroyer “USS Safi” went within 65 meters. The Navy declared that “communication is secure and professional.”

So was Russia United States Maneuvers were reported to be underway in the area, but the announcement was “not in practice when contacted”. However, the U.S. ship “operates in accordance with international law and custom”. The U.S. military will continue to “fly, navigate and operate where international law permits.”

Events with the Russian Navy Pacific Rather rare. The region is above all else China Active and Beijing has recently reacted with great anger to the columns and maneuvers of the United States and its allies. These days Russia and China are conducting joint maritime maneuvers.

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