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The United States allows Astro-Geneca and cross-vaccination to enter from November 8, 2021

The U.S. Health Commission has changed the CDC’s guidelines and will accept almost all vaccines for travelers, including Astra-Geneca and cross-vaccines, from November 8, 2021. For those on a cruise vacation, that means there are no longer any restrictions on shipping from Florida to the Caribbean – until they are fully vaccinated.


The exact date for the opening has not been clear for a long time after the United States first announced that Schengen citizens would be allowed to re-enter the country “from November”. Similarly, travelers with cross-vaccinations with the Astra-Geneca vaccine and especially the Astra-Geneca and Beyonc அல்லது or Moderna had to wonder if they could start their booked Caribbean cruise with an opening port in the United States. Occasionally, shipping companies have already canceled flights for November and December 2021, citing questionable entry restrictions for their customers.

Now it is clear: entry into the United States, thus allowing shipping, especially access to major ports in Florida such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Port Canaveral, is guaranteed from November 8, 2021. Security

Although the travel lines did not correct the respective rules shortly after the CDC decision was announced, it is expected that they will now quickly change their travel conditions under the CDC rules. However, if in doubt, passengers should inquire about this with their shipping company before embarking on their voyage.Advertising

Astra-Geneca is not approved for vaccines in the United States or for cross-vaccination with CDC by the US Health Commission. Your Updated guidelines However, the CDC now makes it clear that it recognizes vaccine programs and vaccines as a complete vaccine used outside and in the United States.

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After temporary distribution restrictions or increased side effects of the Astra-Geneca vaccine, the cross-vaccine was temporarily used not only in Germany and some other European countries, but especially in Canada.

In its guideline, the CDC writes, “All WHO (WHO-EUL,” “WHO Emergency Application List Process“) Approved vaccines will be accepted for entry into the United States. In addition, those who have been vaccinated with various vaccines from the WHO vaccine list are considered fully vaccinated in the sense of CDC guidelines, with only an interval of at least 17 days (21 days and four days of goodwill) required between the first and second vaccinations.