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The United States and Taiwan discussed their participation in the United Nations

The United States and Taiwan discussed the participation of the Democratic Island state in the United Nations.

“U.S. officials have reaffirmed US commitment to Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the World Health Organization and the UN Climate Change Conference, and discussed how Taiwan can contribute to other issues,” the State Department said yesterday. Taiwan’s foreign ministry thanked the UN for its “firm support”.

These discussions coincide with the 50th anniversary of China joining the United Nations. On October 25, 1971, Taiwan had to relinquish its position in the UN. The country’s representatives voted in favor of China. The People’s Republic of Taiwan considers Taiwan one of its provinces, so only China has the right to represent Taiwan internationally.

Tension increased

Tensions between China and Taiwan have recently escalated. China threatens all states that recognize Taiwan’s independence with consequences. The leadership in Beijing is adamant that Taiwan’s democratically elected government is moving towards an official declaration of independence.

It has therefore increased pressure on Taiwan and wants to force it to recognize Chinese sovereignty over the territory. Taiwan, on the other hand, has repeatedly stated that the country is already independent and that it is called the Republic of China. However, Taiwan is only recognized by a few countries.

The United States, like many other states, does not maintain formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan in view of the People’s Republic of China. However, they support the country with military equipment and supply its main weapons.