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The United States is urging North Korea to suspend missile tests

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SEOUL – The United States has repeatedly called on North Korea to suspend “reactionary” missile tests and called for talks. U.S. Special Envoy to North Korea Chung Kim presented the letter to his South Korean counterpart Noah Qi-dook in Seoul on Sunday. He called the recent ballistic missile launch in North Korea “provocative” and put an end to the “anxiety and reaction” missile test.

Kim told reporters that North Korea would “respond positively to our efforts.” On Tuesday, the Pyongyang submarine successfully tested a support ballistic missile. The UN Security Council called an emergency meeting. Many countries criticized the new test with harsh words.

The repeated testing of Pyongyang rockets over the past few weeks has caused global concern. The country, which is heavily isolated internationally, is facing severe US and UN sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs. North Korea’s ruler, Kim Jong Un, rejected US concessions at the end of September, calling Washington’s statements a “cheap ploy.” (What / AFP)

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