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The United States continues to withdraw from Afghanistan, but only with conditions

Until recently, the United States had agreed with the Taliban to stop departing flights by the end of the month. Meanwhile, Biden on Tuesday called on his ministries to make an adjustment to the “schedule” to draw up “emergency plans”. The success of the operation depends on “continued coordination with the Taliban.”

But the last word is not with “West”. Because the Taliban continue to insist that Americans keep their promise. A spokesman said Tuesday before the G7 meeting that the panel would not agree to the extension. As for the Taliban, the Islamists said the breach of the deadline was a “clear violation” of the agreement between the two sides. Flights will land and depart uninterrupted until the end of August.

According to media reports, the US government has been in daily contact with the Taliban. As it is now known, CIA leader William Burns is said to have met with Mullah Abdul Ghani, the deputy leader of the Afghan Taliban. Bharat is being traded as the future head of government. One can initially guess what impact this meeting will have on the possible extension of the eviction process. Joe Biden wanted to comment on the trigger Tuesday evening.

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