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Will US protect Kabul airport after the end of the month?

EThe US president explains Joe Biden Is he ready to guard the Kabul airport with 6,000 people even after his previously mentioned August 31 withdrawal? That was the most politically sensitive question when the political leaders of the seven most important Western states and the leaders of the European Union came together on Tuesday afternoon. Over the past few days Europeans have expressed this desire both publicly and domestically. Diplomats and senior officials made it clear on Tuesday that due to the days-long chaos at the airport, not all people at risk could be evacuated over the next seven days. As a kind of pledge, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg was invited to the meeting.

Thomas Kutcher

Political correspondent for the European Union, NATO and the Penelox countries located in Brussels.

Biden noted a possible extension on Sunday, but a Taliban spokesman rejected it on Monday, threatening “otherwise” consequences. Prime Minister Boris JohnsonOn the same day, the host of the virtual meeting called his “first priority” to ensure the full and full withdrawal of all British and Afghan local staff. His government, of course, doubted whether Biden would comply with this request. In a statement on Tuesday, he said the prime minister would call on G-7 officials at 10 Downing Street to “support the people of Afghanistan and increase support for refugees and humanitarian aid.”

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said the extension was “not possible” before the meeting. Nevertheless, it is “worthwhile” to try to get more people out of the country. Wallace made it clear that Britain, the largest troop contributor to Afghanistan after the United States, would not go alone in Kabul. The British soldiers said, “The airport may be a few months or a couple of years – but for what purpose? So you can shoot at them … and a long fight started? I do not think this is a solution. “Former Army Commander Richard Dunnett called BBC “Maximum effort in the few days we left”.

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Only London has promised a fixed quota

The question of how long the airport will remain open also depends on the commitment to resettle vulnerable Afghans. Most EU countries, unlike London, are willing to do so, even if they have not yet made any specific provisions. A senior EU official said one still needs to talk domestically about which group of people deserve it. Chairman of the Commission Ursula van der Leyen Human rights activists, as well as journalists, judges and lawyers, in addition to local staff, argued for protection – the Slovenian Council Presidency, Austria and Hungary vehemently rejected this.

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Is uncertain Taliban Even after the withdrawal of international forces, they will still allow such evacuations and to what extent they will resume civil aviation, which is currently completely suspended. In Brussels and Berlin, it was rejected that Europeans could protect the airport themselves after the Americans left. The internal procedures were too long for that, it was said to justify it.