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The United States has announced sanctions against coup commanders in Myanmar

MyFollowing the military coup in Myanmar (Burma), the United States announced sanctions against the leading commanders of the Southeast Asian nation. The president said the punishments were aimed at family members of the military and organizations associated with the military Joe Biden Wednesday at the White House. “The army must surrender the seized power.” Tens of thousands take to the streets in Myanmar to protest the removal of Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi.

First definite goals Sanctions Will be announced this weekend, Biden said. In addition, the United States wants to introduce export restrictions and create more sanctions. The regime has also been denied access to about $ 1 billion (a good 800 million euros) in the United States. He called on the US president to return to democracy and to “immediately” release all arrested politicians and activists, including Suu Kyi and President Win Mynd.

Basic democratic rights must be guaranteed, Biden demanded. “The world is watching,” he warned. The United States is ready to “impose additional measures” and will coordinate this with its international partners. The EU is already threatening sanctions.

The military in former Burma returned to power earlier this week. Sookie and other politicians who won the November general election were arrested. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize is said to have been under house arrest ever since – as in the previous military dictatorship. In the last few years he has led a government in which the military is also involved.

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