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VW pays a lot for emissions certificates in China and the US | Career News | Automobile

Outside Europe, the VW Group also relies on the acquisition of emissions certificates to meet emissions targets. “We are confident that we will achieve naval targets in Europe,” CEO Herbert Dice said in a conference call with reporters. There are some small deals to buy certificates in other markets like China and USA.

“These are going down as we increase our power strategy and in two to three years they should be zero,” the manager said. Dice provided no information on who VW concluded such deals with. VW pays “relatively little money,” he told a research conference.

Car manufacturers in various regions can reduce their own fleet of paper on paper by purchasing surpluses called credits from other car manufacturers below emission standards. For example, the American electric pioneer Tesla produces only electric cars and has no combustion engines, and is involved in the lucrative and lucrative trade in related emissions rights.

For example, Italian-American carmaker Fiat Chrysler – today part of the Stellandis Group – recently renewed its emissions balance in Europe with credits recently purchased from Tesla. Stolandis boss Carlos Tavares wants to stop trading rights after Fiat Chrysler merged with BSA (Peugeot, Citroen, Opel) from next year because he now thinks he can automatically reduce emissions. (dpa-afx / apa / red)

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