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The United States has criticized the sentencing of “Hotel Rwanda” heroes

The United States has criticized the sentencing of “Hotel Rwanda” heroes

The United States has strongly condemned the sentencing of Rwandan government commentator Paul Rousseff. “The State Department has determined that Paul Rusbagina has been wrongly detained,” a ministry spokesman said yesterday (local time).

Reuters / Clement Topic

The ministry examined the circumstances of the investigation and concluded that it was not a fair investigation.

Russabakina, the protagonist of the internationally acclaimed film Hotel Rwanda, was sentenced last September to 25 years in prison for “terrorism.” The United States has previously expressed concern about the case. As the verdict was classified as erroneous, the Foreign Office had to campaign vigorously for Rusabagina’s release.

More than a thousand lives were saved

Russabagina became internationally known for her role in the 1994 film “Hotel Rwanda” about the genocide in East Africa. About 800,000 people were killed during that time, mainly members of the Tutsi ethnic group. Russepakina has saved the lives of more than a thousand people from being the director of a luxury hotel in Kigali.

He has been deported to the United States and Belgium since 1996. In August 2020, Ruspakina was arrested in Rwanda after disembarking from a plane that was about to land in neighboring Burundi. The family is worried about the 67-year-old’s health.

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