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Tony Cairoly (KTM): The beginning of the USA adventure / US Motocross 450

Tony Cairoly (KTM): The beginning of the USA adventure / US Motocross 450

The long-awaited adventure for nine-time motocross world champion Antonio Keiroli begins on May 28 in Bala. The Kairoli family traveled to the United States this week.

In September of the previous year, Antonio Cairoly announced the end of his career at the Motocross World Championships. However, the Sicilian-born rider still has one eye on a mission in the American motocross outdoor series – a long day dream.

KTM Factory Racing fulfilled this desire for the 36-year-old. Cairoly will complete the opening races as a guest starter for the official Red Bull KTM task force. It starts with an event next Saturday (May 28) at the Bala Raceway in the state of California.

This is a perfect move for the American Motocross Championship, fans, KTM brand and Cairoly, who along with his wife Jill have been running their own leisure line up with “RACR” for many years.

A nine-time world champion from Italy, he is actively preparing for the American adventure. “TC222” has completed testing and most recently received intensive training with his training mechanic at home near Rome. The flight to the US took place earlier this week.

Cairoly looks excited, you can really feel the anticipation. The Italian national hero has expanded his goal: the variant #gofastaeatburger has now been added to the hashtag “#gofastaeatpasta”.

In the United States, Keiroli is not the only spectacular guest starter. Ryan Dungey gets a bike under the KTM tent. The 32-year-old multi-American champion is back in the outdoor series. Cooper is effectively replacing the heat on the Dungey KTM, he’s still injured and focusing more on the family and the Supercross racing series than he expects.

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