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The United States has decided to exempt aid supplies from Afghan sanctions

D.The US government has decided to lift its sanctions in order to facilitate aid in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Finance announced on Friday that the government, aid agencies and international organizations will be allowed to participate in the provision of humanitarian aid and other activities that “support basic human needs” in Afghanistan. Accordingly, “specific transactions” are permitted for the export of consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and medical products.

In addition, the government wants sanctions against radical Islamists Taliban, The Haqqani Network and other organizations in Afghanistan “maintain and operate,” said Andrea Kaki, head of the Department of Foreign Assets Control.

Afghanistan has relied on international aid for many years. According to the UN, half of children under the age of five are now threatened with starvation. The country has been suffering from a severe drought and has been in economic crisis since the Taliban came to power.

The Taliban did not receive funding from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Washington cut off financial aid to the Afghan government. So there is the problem of paying the new rulers and controlling food prices.

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