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The United States has warned of a hacker attack from Russia

WAmericans warn of attack, world must sit up and watch. After all, they could be exactly as seen in the Ukraine invasion. U.S. politicians have also been warning of Russian cyber-attacks in the West. However, since it recently came out of the President’s mouth, it sounded beyond doubt Joe Biden. Biden said hacker attacks loyal to the Kremlin were “very important” and “immediate.” He called on companies to take up arms “immediately” against it.

Morton Friedel

Frankfurter Allgemeine is the editor of the Sunday newspaper Politics

If so how Hacker Whoever shut down Western networks in the Russian service, no one knows, but they know they can cause the greatest damage. They have repeatedly shown what they are made of, and have been spying on officials and ministries in the United States for months.

Some researchers believe that Kremlin hackers are particularly good at shutting down power plants or industrial plants. This is no small matter. You need to infiltrate the computer network and go to the control settings. They run programs that can only be understood by acquaintances and cannot be controlled remotely, but only if you flip a lever or turn the key at the same time. Such systems can only harass hackers playing in the first league. “Russia is focusing on this, and it should worry about us,” said Luke McNamara, a researcher at FAS’s US firm Mandiant. Compared to China, North Korea and Iran, McNamara considers the Russians to be at the forefront of such attacks.

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The hacker accepted the deaths

Last week, the U.S. Justice Department released an indictment against a Russian hacker, describing how he and others were able to sabotage a foreign refinery. Evgeny Gladkiv worked at a research institute of the Russian Ministry of Defense. Many years ago, he hacked into the computers of an industrial plant in Saudi Arabia.