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The United States is reducing isolation time for health workers

Fearing that hospitals would be overburdened by Omikron, U.S. health officials have reduced the length of isolation of health workers after a CoV infection. The CDC announced yesterday evening (local time) that those without a negative test and symptoms can return to work after seven days.

Generally, CDC recommends isolation for ten days after a confirmed infection. “Our goal is to protect health workers and patients and to avoid putting too much pressure on our healthcare facilities,” said CDC boss Rochelle Walenski.

Health workers who have received all of the recommended CoV vaccine doses should not be at home in isolation after high-risk exposure. These guidelines only apply to health workers.

Omigron now dominates the United States. The number of cases has risen recently. After all, US President Joe Biden is relying on securing supplies in hospitals. The government has recently been criticized for its lack of CoV tests. Long queues were set up in front of the exam centers and self-tests were sold out or too expensive to get.

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