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The United States proposes a global minimum tax rate

The US government wants Global minimum tax rate At least 15 percent for international companies. The U.S. delegation recommended this during talks within the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to the Treasury Department.

15 percent said it “should continue to be ambitious with lower limits and debates and raise the tax rate.” The United States Are encouraged with positive feedback and “unprecedented progress towards a global minimum tax for companies”.

The global race for the lowest tax rate, which most countries will lose, must end together. This will lead to a better tax system and improve returns to implement important investments.

The finance minister wants to get involved in the G20

U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen It spoke in support of a global minimum tax in early April and wanted to promote it within the framework of the G20 group of countries. Yellen said it is not the goal to minimize each other when dealing with companies. Germany and France Had shown themselves open to it.

Former US President Barack Obama Donald Trump There were attempts Rejected for the global minimum tax rate. He feared this would put international US companies in a worse position.

In the opinion of critics, many international companies use all legal options to convert profits around the world as needed, thus paying the lowest possible taxes. The fact is that many companies that operate primarily through the Internet cause anger Very low sales in the markets they serve Numbers.