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The Simpsons Oracle: Did the cult series predict petrol shortages in the United States?

Watch the video: Did the Simpsons Really Predict Fuel Shortages in the United States?

The popular cartoon series “The Simpsons” is said to have vivid abilities by its fans.

The old scenes of the cult series act like an oracle that foretells current events over and over again.

For example, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

In May 2021, users spread on social media that a series of cyber-attacks were predicting fuel shortages.

But did “The Simpsons Oracle” really hit again?

The picture of the father of the family has nothing to do with the shortage of gasoline in the United States as Homer fills his trunk with gasoline.

Excerpt from the episode “The Lisa Study” from the 22nd season of the series.

In the episode, Homer tries to catch a certain collectible person for his daughter Maggie, which gets customers to fill up with 37 liters of gasoline.

The number he receives is due to the number. After several failed attempts, he decides to fill his trunk with gasoline in order to quickly get the person to collect.

The film was deliberately taken from the context to cause a stir on social media. But the truth is, “The Simpsons Oracle” had no success in this case.

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