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The United States says Ukraine’s air defense is very effective

The United States says Ukraine’s air defense is very effective

The photo shows a Ukrainian warplane.
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According to the US government, Ukrainian warplanes have not yet been severely damaged.

“They still have 56 fighter jets on the ground, which is the majority of their fleet,” a U.S. defense official said Friday. However, fighter jets fly only five to ten trips a day – the Ukrainian military is more likely to rely on air defense from the ground. Meanwhile, the Russian military flies more than 200 trips a day.

Ukraine’s air defense “creative”

The official stressed that Ukraine’s air defense is “efficient” and “creative”. The US government recently rejected a proposal by Poland to supply MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine via a US base in Germany. Washington stressed that the distribution of warplanes in general is considered too risky and not very effective. Even after the cancellation, Ukraine has not given up hope on warplanes. Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk said, “It is true that we need these planes soon to protect the airspace.

No warplanes were delivered to Ukraine via US bases

“We will not veto another country’s plan to send planes to Ukraine, it is a sovereign decision that another country can take,” the U.S. official said. However, they did not want to supply such warplanes to Ukraine via US bases. Another U.S. supply of “security systems” is currently coming to Europe, it said. The officer, as usual, did not disclose any details about what was included on the ship. “We will provide resources to Ukraine as soon as we can,” he said.

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