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The United States wants to increase pressure on North Korea after the missile test

The United States wants to increase pressure on North Korea after the missile test

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby
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According to the US government, North Korea’s latest missile tests are related to Pyongyang’s work on a new intercontinental ballistic missile system. U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said in Washington on Thursday (local time) that after examining the ballistic missile launch in late February and early March, a new intercontinental ballistic missile system is thought to be involved in North Korea’s development.

The tests would not have taken place in full swing. The purpose may be to “evaluate this new system before conducting a full-scale test in the future”.

A senior U.S. official called the tests a “serious increase” by North Korea. “These launches are a shameful violation of several UN Security Council resolutions.” In response, the US Treasury Department will announce new sanctions against North Korea this Friday. “There will be many more activities in the coming days,” the U.S. government spokesman said without further ado. The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command this week ordered an increase in intelligence operations in the Yellow Sea – as well as increased readiness of ballistic missile defense forces in the region.

North Korea recently conducted a missile test in the region and caused renewed unrest. According to its neighbors South Korea and Japan, the isolated country launched a ballistic missile into the open sea in early March. North Korea has spoken of another important test in the development of an Earth observation satellite. According to reports from Japan and South Korea, North Korea had already launched a suspicious ballistic missile at the end of February and then talked about testing for satellite development.

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