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The United States sends warships through the Taiwan Strait

The United States sends warships through the Taiwan Strait

Despite rising tensions with China over Taiwan, the United States will use ships and aircraft to cross and fly through the Taiwan Strait in the “coming weeks,” according to a senior administration official. The United States also wants to expand its trade relations with Taiwan, the US coordinator for the Asia-Pacific region, Kurt Campbell, announced in Washington on Friday.

“In keeping with our longstanding commitment to freedom of navigation,” Campbell said, “US forces will continue to fly and sail the seas and operate wherever international law permits.” This also includes “normal overflights and transit of ships in the Taiwan Strait in the coming weeks.” Campbell did not give details of the exact timing or extent of planned US troop movements in the strait between Taiwan and mainland China.

The US government official also announced that a new trade plan for Taiwan and information about planned trade talks with Taipei will be released in the coming days. The United States will “deepen” its relations with Taiwan, including by strengthening economic cooperation.

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