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American media: Secret documents found in the Trump raid

American media: Secret documents found in the Trump raid

According to the Wall Street Journal, the FBI packed and removed a respectable amount of material from Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago, Florida: “about 20 boxes,” including notes and photos, a total of one Ten “strings” of classified documents, some classified as “top secret”.

According to the Wall Street Journal, they didn’t have to do anything outside of a few government institutions, at least not in the private sector of a former president. In addition, according to the Washington Post, documents classified as “secret” were confiscated.

After the raid on Trump, there was a tense wait for days for details. US Attorney Merrick Garland has announced that he will release the relevant search warrant. Trump himself said he would not block the publication. According to a report by the Washington Post, the US Federal Police searched Trump’s Florida residence for documents related to nuclear weapons.

Secret materials in Mar-a-Lago

Until recently, it was only known that the background to the research was apparently Trump’s handling of documents from his tenure. The Washington Post reported Thursday, citing anonymous sources, that FBI agents are searching for classified documents about nuclear weapons, among other things. The newspaper did not say whether the nuclear weapons were American or another country.

Earlier this year, it became known that the National Archives, which is responsible for storing presidential correspondence, suspected the presence of several boxes of classified material in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Finally, Trump gave the authority several documents in January.

AFP / Julia Nichinson

According to the Washington Post, Trump is said to have withheld the documents, the FBI suspects

According to US media reports, there was another exchange between investigators and Trump’s legal team. The Washington Post, citing anonymous sources, wrote that officials suspected Trump and his team were continuing to withhold important documents.

Garland personally authorized the search

There is no official information about the reasons for the raid. US Attorney General Garland also did not comment on this on Thursday, citing “moral obligations.” However, he said he “personally authorized” the inspection. “The search warrant was issued by a federal court following the necessary determination of reasonable suspicion,” Garland said Thursday in a speech late in Washington.

Trump: “Support the release of documents”

According to US media, Trump announced on Thursday that he would not block the publication. “I will not only oppose the release of the documents (…). I am taking a step forward by supporting the immediate release of these documents.” On Friday he wrote that the “nuclear weapons issue” was a “hoax.”

An unprecedented event in the history of the United States

Federal Police (FBI) searched Trump’s estate in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, on Monday. This process is unprecedented in US history. Pressure on Garland to take a stand has since grown. Trump was not at his home during the inspection.

He and other Republicans have strongly criticized the search process and accused Democratic President Joe Biden of politicizing the FBI. Biden was unaware of the search for Trump’s home, according to the White House.

Searching for “out of nowhere”

On Thursday, Trump wrote on the Truth Social, which he co-founded, that he has given the government everything it wanted. Then he came “out of nowhere and without warning” to the FBI for research.

The former president continued to write that items belonging to former first lady Melania Trump had also been affected. “Just learned that agents searched the first lady’s wardrobes and looted her clothes and personal belongings. Surprisingly, they left the area in relative chaos. Wow!” Overall, the veracity of Trump’s statements is disputed. Fact-checkers from The Washington Post have proven that Trump made more than 30,000 A false or misleading statement during his tenure.

The National Archives contradicts allegations about Obama

The US National Archives contradicted Trump’s claim that his predecessor Barack Obama kept classified documents after his departure. On Friday, the government institution said that, according to legal requirements after Obama left office in 2017, “legal and physical guardianship of Obama’s presidential documents has been assumed.” About 30 million pages of unclassified documents are kept in the Chicago area. The confidential information will be kept in Washington.

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