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The upcoming Bentley Continental GT comes with a high-performance hybrid vehicle

The upcoming Bentley Continental GT comes with a high-performance hybrid vehicle

in Bentley It is the fourth generation of the sports coupe Continental GT in. The car won't be officially unveiled until next month, but Bentley will make an appearance First pictures In a camouflaged form and reveals technical details about the drive.

Visually it will probably be one more Evolution of the well-known design line Give. The main headlights become more oval with a subtle extension to the side of the car, and the rear becomes wider and more powerful.

But the real revolution happens in… Engine compartment instead of. The British are installing one there High-performance hybrid engine. To do this, you can combine one New V8 With electric motor. This makes one Power: 782 hp (with maximum torque 1000 Nm). This makes the Continental GT Hybrid the most powerful and dynamic road vehicle in the long history of the Bentley brand, Crowe explains.

The Bentley is purely electrically powered 80 km Away, CO2-Emissions less than 50 g/km.

Bentley has yet to reveal anything about performance. However, new chassis technologies, including active ones, must be used to ensure appropriate driving dynamics All-wheel drive With torque vectoring, Four-wheel steeringelectronic limited-slip differential, more active 48V roll stabilizer And new two-valve shock absorbers.

Since the Continental GT was introduced, nearly 100,000 examples of the high-performance luxury car have been produced, as Bentley sees it.

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