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The US wants to take thousands more Afghanistan

Angesichts des Withdrawal of forces The U.S. government wants thousands more Afghans to work for the United States or US-affiliated companies during military operations there. The U.S. State Department said Monday that it would apply to Afghans who have worked in the United States, but have not reached the minimum tenure to apply for a special immigrant visa.

This restriction is intended for Afghans who have worked for projects supported by the US government – and for Afghans who have worked for NGOs or the media in the crisis country from the United States. This restriction will force “tens of thousands” of Afghans and their partners and children to relocate to the United States. “You were there for us. We will be with you,” said US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen.

Criticism arose that the Afghans initially had to leave the country on their own for this project and had to stay in a third country for twelve months or more.

2500 for special visas

Afghans working for Americans threatened by extremist Islamists after US troops retreat Taliban. For example, many Afghans who have worked as translators in the US military may apply for special immigrant visas to begin a new life in the United States. On Friday, the first plane with about 200 Afghan aid workers and their families landed in the United States. Blingen said a second plane with a similarly large crew arrived on Monday.

About 2,500 people are currently expected to be admitted to the United States with such special visas, according to the U.S. government. However, critics warned that such a visa would only help a small group. More and more Afghans are risking themselves with American companies and need help. The State Department then expanded its options.

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