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US expels 24 Russian ambassadors – Politics –

The Russian Embassy in Washington is empty

According to Russian sources, the United States did not want to extend the visas of 24 diplomats, forcing them to leave the country. Citing ambassador Anatoly Antonov, the Russian news agency Toss on Monday called on US government diplomats to leave by September 3. This may be a reaction to Russia’s recent decision to ban the use of local forces in its embassies.

Due to the restriction in effect from Sunday, the United States will have to split with 182 local staff and dozens of contract partners at the embassy in Moscow and other diplomatic locations in the country. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke about the “serious consequences” of US diplomacy in Russia.

US President Joe Biden met with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin for the first time in Geneva in June, but this did not mark a turning point in tense relations between the two states. Recently, Biden blamed Russia for cyber-attacks in the United States.

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