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The USA team clearly wins against the European team

ES Why such acts Rider Cup Considered the biggest and most unusual scene in the game of golf. On Saturday, Americans Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger came to the first tee just before the start of the four-ball game in the afternoon, further exacerbating the spectator atmosphere. Continuing “America !, America!”

These “tin rolls” flew to two back players. Fans immediately shouted “Chuck, chuck, chuck!” (Drink! X!) They chanted. It didn’t take long to hear from two world-class professionals. They gave the fans a choice. Both can treat themselves to alcohol. First, they were suspended for the second “session” of the day – and the home team had something to celebrate.

A clear win for the USA team

After the first three rounds of the Haven (Wisconsin) Straits Course of Whistle Straits Golf, the Golf Double Edition had a 9: 3 lead for hosts, the largest since 1979 as the European choice to replace Great Britain and Ireland competing with the Twelve Top American Experts. After four ball games in the evening, the Americans took an 11: 5 lead.

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Mo. – Mr. 4 p.m .; சா. – So. At 6 p.m.


In the history of this glorious fight no group has been able to make up for such a deficit. The Americans in 1999 and the Europeans in 2012 had the biggest comeback, each of them turning the 6:10 deficit into a victory. It was questionable in 2021: In the end, the Americans achieved a historic 19: 9 victory. It was a team’s ultimate victory in the modern era of the Ryder Cup. The only winner of the tournament was 24-year-old Colin Morikawa, who led the U.S. team to victory with his personal draw against Norway’s Victor Howland on Sunday morning.

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