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US Finance: Biden Avoids Shutdown – Politics

US Finance: Biden Avoids Shutdown – Politics

President of the United States Joe Biden Congress has signed off on a midterm budget that could leave the government running out of money by the end of the week. The legislation signed Friday is intended to protect funding for government business until Dec. 23. There is an ongoing deadlock in Congress over the full budget for the current fiscal year.

The House of Representatives passed the interim budget and the Senate approved it Thursday evening (local time). Without the new budget law, government business would have risked a partial shutdown, known as a shutdown. When this happens, government employees are sometimes placed on mandatory leave or forced to work temporarily without pay.

The US Senate has approved a nearly $858 billion defense budget

The US Senate approved a new 2023 defense budget on Thursday, spending nearly $858 billion. The House of Representatives passed him last week. The projected spending for 2023 is nearly ten percent higher than the previous budget.

Democrats responded to a call to remove the coronavirus vaccine requirement for military personnel in order to win Republican approval for the legislation.

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