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The video shows the Cybertruck's disappointing charging curve

The video shows the Cybertruck's disappointing charging curve

The first few copies of… Tesla Cybertruck Now on the street. Now one of the first customers has posted a video revealing details about the charging curve of the electric pickup.

in the video On the channel “Our cyber life“It explains in detail how the Cybertruck works on Supercharger station Loads:

In addition to information about the domain, the Charging curve One of the most important for customers. It indicates when the charging process actually occurs maximum speed It is charging and when the car is charging slower. In the video you can now see the loading process 14 to 90 percent.

The car was gone Preconditioning for 20 minutes Charged, bringing the battery to the ideal temperature. reach to 20 percent I will with 255 kW Loaded, then the speed decreases. in 40 percent The Cybertruck is still being shipped 150 kWin 60 percent Still with 100 kW. far 66 percent I will with 75 to 80 kW Charged until the battery level reaches 90 percent He lies.

Slower than other 800V systems

Cybertruck is currently in one Four-wheel drive version Available, with a range Tesla estimates at 547 km. This is what one is for 800V battery pack Consisting of 4680 lithium-ion cell With capacity 9,000 mAh Installed. The maximum download speed is 250 kW specific. 235 km should be added in 15 minutes.

Overall, the process took time 50 minutesfrom 14 to 80 percent 40 minutes. This corresponds to speed 1.9 kWh/min. That's not a bad thing, right? Electric But it has been reported that more could have been expected from the battery. Create other 800V systems like the Porsche Taycan 3 kWh/min.

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There are no 800 volt charging stations

The battery must be able to maintain the increased charge rate for a longer period of time. One reason for the low performance may be that V3 supercharger stations They are not yet designed for an 800V system. They create a maximum voltage of 400 volts.

Just that V4 charger It should be able to charge 800V in the future. This is only to be expected when the Cybertruck is delivered in larger quantities. YouTubers will also likely have their own Cybertruck on one Crowded station It has been downloaded, which is why the download process is being throttled.