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Bursa Express – weekly 23/52

In Episode 58 of the “Of Bulls and Bears” podcast we have as a guest Leanne Hirner, who is responsible for finance and risk management at Vienna Insurance Group. About the advantages and disadvantages of the multi-brand strategy, the new dividend policy and what institutional investors are particularly interested in.

Assets in comparison What happened to 100 euros since the beginning of the year?

Cryptocurrencies: What happened to…Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, XRP, Cardano, Solana and Dogecoin?

A podcast with Leanne Herner about harvesting the fruit, the big picture and the path to resilience.

Podcast with Wolfgang Matejka The fuse has already been set and the little one wants to be beautiful again.

Vienna Varta shares remain at the “top” – but have shrunk significantly.

2023 Fund: Technology and large-cap stocks lead, China trails.

Weekly review and forecast Alexander Butz and a look a little further ahead.

Chart for the week German consumers have to do just that.

Comment on Wolfgang Matejka and lessons learned from 2023.

List of prices of stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, raw materials and currencies.

Diversification of stock risk is a loyal friend of all investors.

Foreign Currencies Will the US Dollar lose its status as the global reserve currency?

Asia Region – Exciting investment options with some risks. Bonds (Global) vs. Stocks (Global) vs. Gold vs. Bitcoin vs. Austrian Stocks (Basis: Euro, Source: Bloomberg/Borse Express)

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