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The video shows the James Webb Telescope from Earth

The video shows the James Webb Telescope from Earth

This is on Christmas Day James Webb Telescope launched into space. Preparations are now underway for the future work of the telescope, from which scientists expect a great deal of new knowledge about the universe.

astrophysicist Gianluca Massi From Virtual Telescope Project nun web hat from Earth. As a small bright spot, the telescope is difficult to distinguish from the stars; The arrow provides information about its exact location.

Video: James Webb Telescope from Earth

He also made a short picture Video Cut together, where you can see the movement of the telescope.

At the time of the capture, Webb was on the verge of 550,000 km away from us. It’s almost the same 1.5 times the average distance of the moon. Its ultimate goal is this Lagrange Point 2 (L2) earth and sun system, 1.5 million km away from us. This point is on the other side of the Earth. There is a balance between the gravity of the sun and the earth.

remove sun covers

Recently, Webb removed the covers of his solar shield, as did NASA on its cover Blog And post it on Twitter.

fuzo explains: Everything you need to know about Webb

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