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Novavax delays US vaccine approval request again - RKI reports 41,240 new infections

Novavax delays US vaccine approval request again – RKI reports 41,240 new infections

Green Schleswig-Holstein Finance Minister Monica Heinold joins State Health Secretary Heiner Garg’s (FDP) request, the epidemiological situation Make sure. “In light of the spread of the virus, we as a country need more options so that we can respond appropriately,” she said Friday in Kiel. It was a mistake for the federal government to let the legal status of the epidemic situation in Germany expire.

In Berlin, the Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Free Democratic Party had already used their majority in the Bundestag before the new federal government started the traffic lights to amend the Infection Protection Act. The so-called state of epidemic emergency of national scope expired at the end of November. The measure had previously made it easier for federal and state governments to respond to the coronavirus pandemic by decree rather than through legislative action in parliaments. Like Heinold, the green prime minister of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, has positioned himself differently from the federal Green Party.

As for Schleswig-Holstein, Garg justified his request on Thursday by saying That recent events in the country, especially with regard to celebrations, have shown It can be assumed that the dynamics are increasing and that the virus will spread more quickly as a result. This can be countered with additional measures. After Christmas parties in the discotheques of Schleswig-Holstein, which showed many infections, several thousand visitors were placed in quarantine.

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