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The Viennese repair voucher is also available in the United States


Some federal states offer repair bonuses, including Vienna, from 2020 onwards. The bonus is to be introduced across Austria in late March / early April. This idea is now popular even in the United States.

The city of Portland in the state of Oregon in the United States is known not only for its micro breweries and its bike paths, but also for its eco-friendliness. So it is not surprising that the repair bonus based on the Vienna model has already been introduced. In the state of Washington, a voluntary charity is pushing for its introduction. In the northwestern United States, people are specifically targeted for environmental awareness and sustainability.

The NGO RepairNetwork talks about the incredible amount of product that helped thwart the Vienna campaign. There were a total of three campaign periods in the city, during which 35,000 items were repaired. It can also be converted into stored Co2: 850 tons, according to the city. Whether Vienna action will continue depends on how the nationwide repair bonus proves itself, according to the office of the city councilor in charge, Jன்rgen Chernarsky (SPÖ).


Repair resources should be saved

This is how the Vienna Repair Voucher works

Basically, the Vienna Repair Voucher Financing Program is about repairing more functional devices instead of replacing them with new ones. The grant scheme aims to make repairs cheaper than buying a new one. The repair voucher can be obtained from companies within the repair network for the services of companies that are partners in the support program. Half of the total bill is funded up to a maximum of 100 euros. The grant will be deducted from the bill immediately. So applications are not required.

Adjusting the turbo bonus as a contribution to climate neutrality

The repair bonus is part of an amendment to the Environmental Development Act, which was passed by a majority vote of ÖVP, Greens and NEOS in the Environment Committee on Thursday. It aims to improve repair bonus or deposit systems, but also to implement circular economic measures such as the transition to climate-friendly heating systems or the fight against energy poverty. All of these should contribute to achieving climate neutrality by 2040.

Environment Minister Leonor Kiesler (Greens) explained that the bulk of the funding could already be applied for from April 2022. He noted the economic value of the repair bonus for small and medium businesses. This amendment not only contributes to the protection of the environment but also to the better quality of life and health of the people.

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