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The United States is vaccinating Johnson & Johnson again

The United States is vaccinating Johnson & Johnson again

The suspension, which was decided ten days ago, was lifted.

Washington. American manufacturer Johnson & Johnson’s corona vaccine can be reused in the United States without any restrictions. The CDC Health Authority and the FDA announced Friday evening that the temporary suspension, which was decided about ten days ago, would take effect immediately.

An advisory panel to the CDC had previously made a recommendation. Ten members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted in favor several hours later, with four voting against and one against. At an earlier meeting last week, the committee adjourned to gather additional information before recommending how to proceed. “We took the time needed to investigate this issue in detail,” said CDC boss Rochelle Valensky.

About ten days ago, the CDC and FDA decided to suspend corona vaccines with the active ingredient from Johnson & Johnson, initially registering six cases of cerebral nerve thrombosis in the United States. The expression was recommended “with extreme caution”.

Cases “very rare”

Cases are “very rare” and the benefits of the vaccine are still significantly higher than the risks, FDA President Janet Voodcock told a news conference Friday. “We did not make the decision ourselves.” Medical institutions and individuals wishing to be vaccinated should have up-to-date information about the active ingredient in the future, including information on thrombosis.

So far, more than 7.2 million single-dose vaccines approved in the United States at the end of February have been injected into the United States. The vast majority of vaccinations were carried out with the active ingredients of the American companies Moderna and Pfizer with its German partner Biotech.

After the suspension of the CDC and FDA in the United States, Johnson & Johnson initially delayed the release of its vaccine in Europe, but continued it after the EU Pharmaceuticals (EMA) moved forward after a re-examination on Tuesday.

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