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“The Voice Kids 2023”: the Gaspolchovener twins presented “wonderful cinema”

“The Voice Kids 2023”: the Gaspolchovener twins presented “wonderful cinema”

Twins Anja and Jana from Gaspoltshofen were inspired yesterday evening in the blind auditions of “The Voice Kids 2023the refs. Three of the coaches pushed the sisters through to the next round.

Jaspolathoven. The 15-year-olds performed “Heit Nocht” by Chris Steiger in Lederhosen and accompanied each other on guitar. Not only did Anja and Jana enchant the audience with their singing, but they also convinced three members of the jury: Lena Meyer-Landrut, Álvaro Soler, and Wincent Weiss to hit the bell for the girls.

He won the hearts of the jury

“I was shocked because I felt the emotion. It was really a very nice moment,” said Álvaro Soler after the two sang in whatever language you could sing. “The voices were perfect together, it was really a very nice moment.” Wincent Weiss was also overjoyed: “It was Really great cinema.”

The journey continues

Anja and Jana were allowed to decide for themselves which juror would accompany the young women from Gaspoltshofen to the next round: in the end, the choice fell on Alvaro Soler. The German-Spanish pop singer will coach the twin sisters for their upcoming appearance on “The Voice Kids 2023”.

The Gaspoltshofen twins want to impress the jury

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