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Favorite FM4 songs with Birdy

Favorite FM4 songs with Birdy

Sad songs to cry on, but not only: the British musician performed at Gasometer Vienna and shortly before that she told us a little more about her favorite songs in an interview on FM4.

Written by Lisa Schneider

These days the stories that start with the words “Oscar” and “The Hague” make the most sense and fun, so here’s the next round: Oscar Haag not only released his debut album at the beginning of March, he was also on his first tour, he was awarded FM4 in Amadeus as the youngest winner in the history of the award — and he was just on tour with British pop star Birdie. Moreover, the path from Birdy to Oskar (or vice versa) is not as random as it seems when you first read it, or in other words: a good reservation might look like this. The fact that a 17-year-old superstar singer (“I love his song ‘Stargazing’! It’s so sweet, and he’s such a beautiful person”) plays at Birdy’s opening act, when Birdy himself started releasing music around that age, is so fitting, so good. together.

FM4/Lisa Schneider

After a long night on the Nightliner, mirror images make more sense than most!

After several postponements of her tour, we know why her tour has been postponed, Birdie is now on the road in several cities in Germany, Luxembourg and finally in Austria, where we meet backstage more or less uglier and therefore very authentic at Gasometer in Vienna. I asked her how tired she was on a scale of 1 to 100—the Nightliner is just around the corner, and the concert the night before in Munich finished in less than twelve hours. “Well, it’s okay today,” she says, adding the very professional comment that I should be holding the mic under her nose, always speaking so softly.

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One notices Birdy’s round fatigue, a strangely beautiful mixture of overexertion and excessive joy. We talk about the highlights of the live performances and immediately it comes to tears. Words like “sentimental” have to be. Even a look at Birdy’s Instagram profile would have sufficed for that, this is where people comment “I cried three nights.” Sad songs cry: Byrdie always wrote like this, she still writes like this — even if she’s kindly opening a new musical chapter with her current single “Raincatchers” and new album announced in July. Let’s call it “sad dance-pop”.

We’re making our way through tears, joy, and our first great love for music. Keane was the band that opened the door to pop music for Birdy (“Maybe because of the piano-based songs!”). Birdy loves Lizzo so much that she can’t even think of a song title on the fly, and we agree, “They’re all great” could also be the best answer. We finally hear “Good As Hell”. Birdie is always happy when she hears about The Carpenters, and then she bumps into star KT Tunstall. For her, as for many people these days, the current great pop hope lies in Phoebe Bridgers. She hasn’t heard the new boygenius album yet, “but I’m sure I’ll like it”, silent, ok, cheery nod, at least until then “Kyoto” will remain her favorite song.

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