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The Wall Street Journal publishes Donald Trump’s letter with fake news about the 2020 election

Following Facebook and Twitter finally banning Donald Trump from spreading false news from their pages, the former president has found new ways to get his message across. The Wall Street Journal published one on Wednesday Letter from the former PresidentIn it he makes a number of unsubstantiated, unsubstantiated and already invalid allegations; Among other things, he said the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Countless Investigations and trial No trace of such statements could be found.

“The election was handled, which unfortunately you still don’t understand,” Trump wrote before listing unsubstantiated explanations for his claims. Following the publication of this letter, the “Wall Street Journal” received a lot of criticism from its own team. Former senior editor Bill Cruzkin commented on Twitter, asking why the authors did not verify the facts of the letter or remove the worst lies. “When someone spreads many untruths, authors are usually obliged to dissect them or at the same time publish the answer,” the Wall Street Journal did not explicitly do so, Groskin said.Washington Post“.

The “HuffPost” reporter at the White House also responded Twitter“Most newspapers do not allow commentators to make simply nonsense lies. The ‘Wall Street Journal’ is obviously not one of them.

The editorial board protects the publication

That “The Wall Street JournalResponding on his comment page on Thursday, he supported the release of the letter: “We hope our readers can get an idea of ​​Trump’s statements for themselves. Moreover, the former president, who could run again in 2024, (or specifically) though his claims are utter nonsense, we think it is worthwhile to write about what he did.

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Of “Speakal ” It is suspected that there is a trick behind Trump’s repeated allegations about the 2020 presidential election. Through his statements, he is destroying the confidence of citizens in the US election process. Considering the 2022 midterm elections Presidential Election 2024 It is feared that this will be the basis for not recognizing or even canceling future election results.