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US: Pentagon confirms Chinese hypersonic weapons test

D.As Pentagon Has confirmed for the first time the testing of a new Chinese hypersonic weapons system that could bypass the US defense establishment. Last August’s test was “very close to the Sputnik moment,” United States Chief of Staff Mark Millie said in Washington on Wednesday, referring to the 1957 United Sputnik shock. Positions of the Soviet satellite in orbit. Millie said it was “the most important technological event” that the United States “follows with full attention.”

Majid Sattar

Washington-based North American political correspondent.

Friedrich Bose

Political correspondent for China, North Korea and Mongolia.

The “Financial Times” first reported on the test of a nuclear-capable skateboard vehicle launched by China into space with a missile. The glider orbited the earth at a speed five times slower than noise, but missed its target at a distance of 30 kilometers, the newspaper wrote. Beijing has denied the allegations. A Foreign Ministry spokesman in Beijing on Monday said this was a routine test for “reusable space technology”. Looking at Millie’s comments, another ministry spokesman on Thursday called on the United States to stop talking about China and treat the country as an enemy.

Meanwhile, the President of Taiwan Sai Ing-wen Confirmed for the first time that there was a small number of American soldiers in Taiwan. In an interview with the American broadcaster CNN, when asked how many players there were, he said, “It’s not like people think.” U.S. Department of Defense documents show that 32 U.S. soldiers were stationed in Taiwan this year, according to the broadcaster. Chai confirmed a report in the Wall Street Journal three weeks ago.

The Chinese party’s newspaper, the Global Times, wrote on Thursday that Tai was the first Taiwanese president to confirm the presence of US troops. In doing so, he had to cross a red line and face the consequences, the newspaper said. A Defense Ministry spokesman in Beijing has threatened that China will “strike again” if the United States continues to expand military cooperation with Taiwan in the form of a “salami tactic.” Advances in the development of new weapons systems

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