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The woman next to her is called Natasha

The woman next to her is called Natasha

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Not only is Natasha Archer by her side in times of crisis, she's much more Princess Kate's stylist than her official role suggests.

WINDSOR – Without Natasha Archer Kate Middleton (42) It was never possible to escape from the luxurious clinic through a side entrance without being detected, as she managed to do after her operation, when everyone was just waiting to take a picture of the Princess of Wales so they could see for themselves what was happening to her. It was illness. The palace did not reveal further details about the planned abdominal operation. The long-time personal assistant has blossomed into a close friend of Kate's.

Natasha Archer is Kate Middleton's assistant, stylist and confidant

Archer was photographed leaving the London clinic in a Range Rover in the morning. Until now, the British press does not know how Kate managed to bring his sick wife home without anyone seeing her at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor during the day with Prince William, who had never been to the hospital, where the princess finally arrived and after almost 14 days, she was… She is reunited with her children.

Over the past decade, Tash, as Natasha is known for short, has shared all the major milestones with Kate. Because after repeatedly offering Kate tips and tricks, Natasha's job title quickly changed: assistant became her personal stylist and, over the years, her best friend.

Do the royal family have best friends? If so, Natasha Archer would definitely be Kate's best friend

Natasha was the first non-family member to come to the Lindo Suite after the birth of Prince George, 10. She was also present at the Duchess's two subsequent births. She accompanied Kate on a six-hour trip to a monastery in Bhutan, just in case she needed to change clothes before the photographers rushed to the finish line.

Natasha was originally hired at Kensington Palace in 2007 as a personal assistant to Prince Harry (39) and Prince William (41).. After providing Kate with fashion tips and tricks since 2011, Natasha's job title quickly changed in 2014: the assistant became her personal stylist.

The personal lives of Natasha and the Princess are closely intertwined: Natasha met her husband through Kate

Natasha Archer (left) and Kate Norland's nanny Maria Borrallo are indispensable to Princess Kate (right).  Natasha has evolved from personal assistant to fashion designer and Kate's confidant (photo montage).
Natasha Archer (left) and Kate Norland's nanny Maria Borrallo are indispensable to Princess Kate (right). Natasha has evolved from personal assistant to fashion designer and Kate's confidant (photo montage). © Andrew Parsons/Imago and Ken Cheung/DPA

She was in the hospital after each birth of the Princess of Wales to coordinate an outfit for the baby and the mother in front of the clinic and may have met the man of her dreams and the father of her two sons, Theo and Otto, through her job. Chris Jackson, 44, is a photographer for the royal family, and as a photographer and fashion designer, they often work side by side.

Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) is rumored to have wanted to give Kate's wardrobe a more royal look, which Natasha effortlessly achieved. The fact that the friendship arose from this is that the two women also get along brilliantly in their private lives; They are often seen side by side having lively conversations.

So it just so happened that she was also allowed to have an opinion on Prince William's outfits. She is said to be responsible for the “estate agent” style of the heir to the throne. He thanked her and made her a member of the Royal Victorian Order, an order of the royal family's house, a high honor, in December 2018.

As such, she will serve as essential help and support to Princess Kate, who now plans to work from home until Easter until she fully recovers from her operation. Sources used:, Instagram

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