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Royal consideration

Royal consideration

A dramatic concession that has now been rescinded by Amalia.

Shortly before her 18th birthday on 7 December 2021, Crown Princess Amalia of the Netherlands told Prime Minister Mark Rutte that she viewed the allowance she was entitled to as “inappropriate as long as I cannot offer anything in return”.

She will also not claim the €1.3 million expense allowance “so that I can bear significant costs in my role as Princess of Orange.” The voluntary abdication increased the popularity of King Willem-Alexander's daughter and Maxima. But Amalia now wants the allowance to be paid in the millions. And again she writes in a letter to Prime Minister Mark Rutte: “I no longer wish to give up my choice as of 2025. With the passage of time and due to unforeseen circumstances, it is now expected that I will have to anticipate the costs of personnel and materials in order to carry out my duties autonomously and autonomously, including That is secretarial and renting a place to live and work.

In addition, she is entitled to receive a salary of 322 thousand euros for her services. She will continue to give this up until the end of her studies. Crown Princess Amalia wants to take on more royal duties in the future. Amalia had to avoid public places for a long time for safety reasons. When she starts studying at the University of Amsterdam in September 2022, her name is linked to a possible kidnapping.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark offers sage advice to future rulers when she abdicates on January 14, 2024: “The mission is a challenge, but it also provides security because you know where you have to go. You know that others have been in the same situation and taken the same path. You have to know : After 600 years of male rule, Denmark's first queen was on the throne for 52 years.

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