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The women’s national under-19 team begins with a landslide victory in the European Qualifiers

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The women’s national under-19 team (2003) showed no weaknesses at the start of the crucial round of European Championship qualifiers, beating Bulgaria. 4-0 (1-0). In the first match of the tournament at home in Bad Wemsbach, Anna Wernsberger managed to “open the box” for the Austrians in overtime in the first half.

ÖFB head coach Hannes Spilka’s choice of outsiders dominated for the duration of the game, even if the start was bumpy.

“There was excitement and nervousness in the early stages, but that’s normal. We were a bit frantic in building the game and didn’t have enough possession. But after the first successful offensive action we went into the match minute to minute. The goal before the break opened the box and did really well. Spelka said.

He said 1:0 succeeds in the fifth minute of first-half stoppage time – thus, so to speak, with the break whistle. Sturm Graz player Anna Wernsberger returns her target to the locals. (45 + 5)

Triple hit in five minutes

After changing sides, the ÖFB team, led by playmaker Lara Felix, showed all their quality and eventually turned the supremacy into goals.

In the 66th minute, Felix flicked a fine combination to make the score 2-0. Three minutes later, Neulengbacher showed a lot of emotion and raised the last woman to 3:0. (69.)

The Bulgarians are having a hard time breathing deeply at this point, and from losing the ball right after their kickoff, they conceded the ball 0:4 through Vanessa Kraker. (seventy)

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“From 2-0 we went through a stage where you saw how well we can play football if we are brave and dynamic,” Špilka says with satisfaction. “We encouraged the girls at half-time because we didn’t think we needed to change so much. In the end they remained patient, implemented the small tweaks well and showed the usual mentality.”

So the Austrians got off to a good start in qualifying for the European Championships. Špilka’s team will continue on Friday with a match against Ukraine (6 pm), which lost 5-0 to Norway on Tuesday. ÖFB TV broadcasts all matches of the tournament live!

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