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The women’s team wins against Innsbruck – FC Blau-Weiss Linz

The women’s team wins against Innsbruck – FC Blau-Weiss Linz

In the return match against Wacker Innsbruck, the ladies of Innsbruck are fighting to stay in the league on the one hand, and on the other hand, the ladies of Linz managed to take an important step in this direction in order to be able to. Stay away from the teams at the bottom.

Accordingly, the match on the small, bumpy pitch in Kleinmunchen was stressful and nervous. In the eighth minute, Almdina Šešić managed to sidestep and crossed the free-standing Emilia Holzinger, who directed the half-high ball into the goal with her thigh.

Unfortunately, the quick goal did not solve the tension of the blue-whites, and he remained short of lights, the enthusiastic opponent from Innsbruck always playing dangerously and unpleasantly.
However, there were still two big chances for the home team, but they weren’t used alone in front of the goalkeeper.

After the break, it was the best stage for the Linz ladies and after a great work on the right side, the national player Almdina Česic scored the deserved 2-0 goal. That goal shouldn’t have brought any relaxation either, because just 3 minutes later, goalkeeper Julia Zangerl’s long-distance free kick was wistfully directed into her own goal. That made it exciting and the game went back and forth, you could tell a lot was at stake.

Finally, in the 83rd minute, a women’s hand penalty from Linz, Katharina Riekersdorfer tried and failed due to the powerful Innsbruck goalkeeper. That meant shaking for another 10 minutes, but the blue and white got the score by the rounds and managed to score the all-important three points.

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Even if the game didn’t offer any ball delicacies, which was understandable for both teams given their starting position, it was good to win in the end due to much better chances.

Lineup: Zangerl, Sterrer, Rauch, Fuchs (73′ Schimm), Avdić (80′ Grünberger), Reikersdorfer, Šišić, Holzinger, Meßthaler, Drescher, Zeilinger