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League Two: Rapid 2 defeats Admira despite many missed opportunities - Football

League Two: Rapid 2 defeats Admira despite many missed opportunities – Football

Rapid II is making a jump from the relegation ranks of the Second Admiral League. In Round 14 there is a 2:1 win at Admira Youth Rapidler Stadium in an action packed match.

There is a lot of offensive activity at the Allianz Stadium, where the hosts beat. I knocked fast twice in the first 10 minutes (7’/Hedl’s center too much, 10’/Strunz with a long-range shot), while a back pass misunderstanding caused danger on the other side (9′).

Green-White advanced in the 20th minute: Bosnjak received a cross from Holzhacker in the backcourt, a shot from his turn and the ball landed in the goal with a deviation. Almost in turn, Orgler has to stop Krienzer from equalizing (22′).

After Holzhacker danced through the defense and missed a long corner kick (25 minutes), the score was 2-0: Fahlmann’s cross became longer and longer, Hedl took the decisive step away from his goalkeeper and pushed (27).

Admira missed his best chance two minutes before the end of the first half. Krienzer completes an impressive combination, Hedl can only bounce, Galle can’t control the ball fast enough and the corner becomes very difficult (43′).

After the break, great opportunities remain

After changing sides, Rapid has his first big chance: substitute Lang rolls the ball to the bar (47th position). It shouldn’t be the only metal Rapidler hit.

But before that, Schmidt was able to make the connection. The striker hits the ball on the edge of the penalty area, shoots from the turn and hits the ball dry (50th position).

After that it only goes in one direction approximately. Strunz can’t punish Schöller’s slip (ranked 55), but only shoots the side nets. After three minutes he narrowly missed the goal during the fall.

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In the 68th minute, Strongs again became the source of danger, again missing. Hedl failed at the bar (69) as well as Bosnjak (76).

When Holzhacker finally hit the empty goal (85th place), the match should have been decided long ago. Despite several missed opportunities, Rapid II won, even if Krienzer appeared dangerously in the penalty area in injury time.

The Admiral is still stuck in eighth place with 21 points, and could secure a home win for Lavnitz on Sunday over Horne (From 10:30 am on the live broadcast) But the sterones still outdid it. Rapid II is tied in points with Steyr (13 points each) in 14th, but is only one point behind Liefering and Young Violets.